Services and Amenities

Sculpt 365 Fitness clubs are much more than just a gym. We believe we are a health club, and with that mindset, we have created ways to help you on your fitness journey. Stop by our Oildale or Tehachapi club to get a body composition test done on our InBody scales, which tell you much more than just your weight. For a ‘different’ view, stop by our Brimhall club and hop on our Styku scanner for a truly 3-D view of your body, with body measurements down to 0.01″ and a cool ‘picture’ that allows for before and after comparisons!!

We have also created an app you can download to your smartphone here! Use this app to take advantage of all the programs and services we have to offer!

Periodically we have nutritional and health educational seminars we put on at our clubs. Check out that page to see the latest updates we have currently on our calendar!

Additionally, we have other programs we have also created to not only impact your fitness positively, but your pocketbook as well. Sculpt 365 Fitness is one of the few clubs in the country that have created programs to put money right back into your pocket through our Member Savings and Member Rewards Programs!

Why join Sculpt 365 Fitness? Because we are much more than just a gym!

Get your free pass here! Or you can signup for your membership right now online at your nearest clubs: Brimhall / Oildale / Tehachapi