Personal Training at Bakersfield Gym Helps You Achieve Your Goals!

Are you the type of person who needs that little extra push? Here at our gym in Bakersfield, we provide expert personal trainers who are here to assist you in reaching your health and wellness goals. Whether you are new to the exercising world and need help learning the equipment and understanding the best activities for your body, or you are an elite athlete looking for that extra boost in your workout – a personal trainer at Sculpt 365 is here to help you!

Personal trainers are available to:

  • Evaluate you to determine your baseline fitness level
  • Assist you in developing your health and wellness goals
  • Learn the equipment and find the best workouts for you
  • Understand the proper form and technique for each exercise
  • Determine the intensity and duration best for you

Our personal trainers are available for private sessions if you want that one-on-one feel, as well as semi-private if you prefer to have a couple friends join you!

Come see us at the best gym in Bakersfield for all your fitness needs. We can’t wait to help you reach your goals – and your first two workouts are free!