InBody 570 Body Composition Scale

At our Oildale and Tehachapi clubs, we have the InBody 570 scale, where we can “go beyond the scale”. This ‘scale’ measures much more than just weight, incorporating bone density, skeletal muscle, water retention and much more to provide you a detailed analysis of exactly what is going on inside your body. It will tell you your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Skeletal Muscle and Fat analysis throughout your entire body, your Visceral Fat level, and key factors for your water content, among other indicators. Stop by either club and get your InBody test done today! If you’re still not sure, watch the video below, or check out the InBody website for more information.

Styku 3-D Body Analysis

At our Brimhall club, we’re taking a different approach to body analysis. With our Styku Body Scanner, you can get a 3-D image of your body, along with nearly 30 measurements of circumference from your neck down to your ankles. As you create multiple scans over time, you can also get a great side by side comparison of how your body has changed over that time. We cannot determine where our body is going to trim fat, but we certainly can track it. With the built in tools, we can also help you determine a realistic date to achieve goals of either body fat % reduction or inches lost in your waist.

MyZone Heart Rate Monitors

Ever do a workout and feel like you’re working too hard? Or not enough? MyZone makes a fitness based heart rate monitor that has been verified by independent sources to be the single most accurate heart rate tracker that converts your heart rate into energy burned and calories consumed. Currently, our Brimhall and Tehachapi clubs offer the MyZone, and we hope to be offering this at the Oildale location quite soon. Take your fitness to the next level and see what MyZone can do for you! Talk to our front desk staff and they will be more than happy to give you a more detailed explanation of the MyZone platform and app.