Dance Away Those Unwanted Pounds with Group Fitness at Sculpt 365 Fitness

Are you tired of the same boring workout that you have been doing for years? It’s time for you to grab a group of friends and take advantage of the heart pumping group exercise classes offered at our gyms.

The motivation and fun when working out with others gives you the energy to go further, and do more!

We offer a wide variety of classes at all of our locations, from Zumba and other dance styled classes, to HIIT and kickboxing, to Yoga and other meditative stylized classes!

It is time to add some excitement to your regular workout routine. Come check out our amazing classes today! Remember, your first week is free!

You can also signup for a membership by clicking the link to your respective clubs:

Brimhall / Oildale / Tehachapi

Group classes to fit your needs.